What You Need to Know Before Adding an Accent Wall to Your Bedroom

Does your bedroom need a design boost? An accent wall is often the perfect solution. According to House Grail, 88% of people surveyed reported having a stronger desire to spend time at home after a room receives a new coat of paint. Updating your interior decor is easy to do with the right painters, and you’re only a few steps away from creating the bedroom of your dreams. Before you begin your project there are a few things to know before hiring painters to create an accent wall.

How to Choose the Right Wall

Your bedroom likely has a lot of large furniture. Or there might be a wall that’s almost all windows. The first step in choosing the right wall is to select one that isn’t covered by large, heavy furniture or taken up by windows. The less obstructed the wall, the more impact the accent color will have. You want to select a wall that will be a focal point of the room and draw in visual interest. There’s no sense in painting a wall with an accent color just to have it mostly covered by a wardrobe or a bed. The more empty space, the better.

Another suggestion is to choose the wall opposite your to bed so that you get to enjoy it or to paint the wall that’s opposite to the door. Both of these walls are ones that your eye is drawn to naturally. The entire point of the accent wall is to create an impact that affects the way you think and feel when you spend time in the room. If there is a certain feature in your bedroom that you want to draw attention to, an accent wall is an effective tool to achieve that. You can also draw attention away from a less-than-attractive feature in your bedroom.

Decide How You Want the Wall to Impact Your Room

Different colors deliver different results. Spend some time learning about warm and cool colors and how they can affect you. If you want your bedroom to feel like a sanctuary where your stress melts away, you can achieve that through color. The same is true if you want to create a vibrant space where you feel revitalized. Take some time to explore your feelings in your current bedroom and how you would like them to change. Once you know exactly what you want, it’s much easier to find solutions to achieve the result you desire. Some upfront work will go a long way in helping you discover the best wall and color to choose from.

Cool colors will also help to make smaller spaces feel more spacious. If you have a narrow room that you want to feel wider, painting one side of the room a cool color can achieve that effect. Working with professional painters will ensure that you get the advice that you need to achieve the results you want. There are a number of ways to make large rooms feel cozier and to help smaller bedrooms feel bigger. Your furniture placement will also have an impact on how your room feels and how your space is utilized.

Explore Different Color Schemes

Now that you’ve decided how you want your room to look and feel, it’s time to start exploring different color schemes. There are many complementary color sets that provide a good starting point when redecorating your bedroom. If you’re doing a complete overhaul of your bedroom, updating the furniture, linens, and lighting, you’ll have a lot more to work with than if your accent wall is the only part of the project. When you’re incorporating an accent wall into an already decorated room, make sure that the color you choose doesn’t clash with existing elements.

Discovering new color combinations can help you create a bedroom that’s uniquely your own. Try to consider a few color palettes that are a departure from your usual choices. For example, if you always gravitate toward blue for your interior decor items, consider some blue-based purples for a change. The great thing about paint is that if you don’t love the result, it’s easy enough to make a change. Your imagination is the limit when choosing a color scheme for your new, updated bedroom. Design websites and magazines are great resources for getting ideas and inspiration. Daydreaming about how you’ll feel in your bedroom after the accent wall’s been painted in another way to have some fun with the process.

Decide if You Want a Textured Wall or Not

In addition to having an accent wall that’s a different color, you can also elect to utilize textured painting methods too. This is a great idea for large spaces. Contrary to common belief, an accent wall doesn’t have to be a bright color. There are many ways to create visual interest through more subtle means. You can opt to have heavily saturated paint that’s just a shade or two darker than the primary color as your accent wall. Trying a few test patches will also help you get a better idea of how colors and textures interact with the interior space you’re updating.

Monochromatic color schemes lend themselves well to texture. Professional painters will be able to describe the different types of painting methods that they think will be a good fit for your project. Again, your accent wall doesn’t have to be dramatic colors and textures to make an impact. Sometimes, the more subtle the methods the more eye-catching the results. Consider your painters as a resource for ideas and suggestions. They’ll be able to share advice on which wall and what colors will be most effective in getting you the results you want.

Choose Some Finishing Touches

Now that you’ve selected the right wall and chosen the perfect paint for your project, it’s time to think about some finishing touches. Wood trim and other architectural finishes can elevate your accent wall from fantastic to truly amazing. You can also add some wall hangings and artwork to increase the impact the wall has on your bedroom.

Floating shelves that are well-spaced can provide a way to add flowers and greenery. Again, you want to choose subtle flourishes that add to the overall effect rather than being a distraction. It’s often the case that less is more, but your personal preferences are more important than any arbitrary design rules. Have fun exploring different designs and architectural elements to find a combination that works for you. Now’s an ideal time to give your bedroom an entirely new look by creating a stunning accent wall to tie everything together. Don’t be afraid to try new things, as nothing about an accent wall is permanent or difficult to change.

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