VS Pro Painting’s 3-Year Warranty

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VS Pro Painting wants to give its clients the best residential painting services out there. Despite the fact that we have an Austin location, we also service Buda, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, Round Rock, and Bastrop.

We promise that for the following three years after application, none of our painting services will peel, flake, or blister. This is the promise we make to every customer, and if there are any exceptions to the warranty we offer, we will mention them in writing in the estimate we give you.

We provide a one-year warranty in addition to a three-year warranty for our painting services. We save that exclusively for our cabinetry services. Rust, mildew, interior or external moisture damage, caulk, galvanized metal, and horizontal surfaces are not covered by any of our guarantees. The reconnecting of telephones, devices, or appliances is not a part of our service or covered by our warranty, we also wish to note.

We do offer a warranty, but it only applies to our craftsmanship and excludes the paint itself. The manufacturer would be in charge of the paint’s warranty rather than us, therefore we wouldn’t be accountable for it. VS Pro Painting is also not liable for any paint damage brought on by normal use, aging, or other factors. The guarantee does not cover any peeling brought on by anything other than poor workmanship.

VS Pro Painting will check the affected area and perform any necessary repairs if, within three years, there is any workmanship problem. The only repairs we’ll make will be to the paint. If there are any flaws or damage to areas not covered by the warranty, we are only responsible for fixing the affected area.

If you have any questions about our warranty, please get in touch with VS Pro Painting.

Call VS Pro Painting now at (512) 299-5563 for your free initial consultation with our residential painting company in Austin, TX.

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