Here’s How Residential Painters Can Transform Your Home

After years of having the same color scheme in your home, you may start to find your walls boring or unattractive to look at. You don’t have to continue living this way. Here’s how residential painting professionals can help transform your home.

Skilled Preparation

If there’s one thing you can expect when you hire professional residential painters to give your home a fresh coat of paint, it’s high-quality results. There’s more to paintwork than just splashing some paint on the walls. A proper interior painting project calls for expert preparation, and residential painters have extensive experience in this area.

Reliable painters will take time to prep the surfaces to ensure good paint adhesion and smooth, long-lasting results. They’ll also have industry knowledge of the best techniques to use on different types of walls.

Color Expertise

When it comes to the color of a room, you likely have some favorites that you think would look good on your walls. However, there’s more to choosing a color than just the aesthetic appeal. Different shades evoke different atmospheres or ambiances. It’s important to know if a shade you’re considering would make a room feel smaller and less comfortable.

With their expert knowledge of color, painters can help transform your home and make its best features pop. They’ll ask you about your preferences and lifestyle and use that information to recommend the best color choices. If you’re considering introducing a whole new color palette, they’ll help you choose shades that complement each other rather than clash.

Knowledge of Paint Products

If you were to visit the paint aisle of a hardware store yourself, you’d likely be confused by the variety of paints they offer. The labels typically don’t reveal a lot about the product inside. If they do offer any valuable information, you’ll come across confusing terminology such as no-VOCs or low-VOCs.

Professional residential painters will be intimately familiar with different paint types, and they’ll consider all relevant factors when choosing paints for your home. They’ll not only find a durable, long-lasting option but also take into account the presence of pets and whether anyone in your home has allergies.

Residential painting contractors will also know how much paint they need to complete a project and make sure to have it on hand. For reference, a gallon of paint generally covers 325 square feet of wall area, according to Forbes. Professionals will be aware of information like this and ensure they have all the necessary supplies to ensure the painting process gets done quickly and efficiently.

Are you ready to enjoy all the benefits of professional residential painting? If so, contact VS Pro Painting today to schedule a custom quote. We look forward to giving your home a stunning transformation!

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