5 Things You Should Know About Exterior Home Painting

A well-done exterior painting project is rewarding. It creates a protective barrier against elements like sunlight, rain, and wind, makes your home more aesthetically pleasing, and boosts its market value. Before embarking on a painting project, you should know a few crucial things. This blog explores five things you should know before painting the exterior of your home.

1. Always Choose Quality Paint

Quality paint lasts longer and produces desirable results. For instance, oil-based paints contain added natural oils and withstand harsh weather. Therefore, it boasts more durability attributes. Always seek help from a professional contractor when choosing the right paint for your home.

2. Clean Your Walls Appropriately

Paint doesn’t stick to dirty walls or rough surfaces. Always clean your walls thoroughly and scrape peeling paint so the new paint can adhere. After cleaning, allow it to dry, and then sand the rough surfaces. Ensure your painting company washes all the walls before they begin the job.

3. Remove the Rotten Siding

Rotten siding will continue to deteriorate no matter how many coats of paint you lay on them. It won’t save you money or time. Therefore, hire a siding contractor to replace rotten wood and siding material before your exterior painting project begins.

4. Be Prepared for the Painting Cost

The final price of an exterior painting project will depend on the size of your home, the prep work needed, and the type of siding you have. Remember, you may need to paint several coats to get the desired color saturation.

5. Hire a Professional

Painting work is more involving than it might look, especially on the exterior of your home. Professional painters have the right tools for the job and handle all the preparation and cleanup afterward. When you hire the right company, you’ll know they’ll do an incredible job the first time. According to Forbes, it’s best to contact at least three painting contractors for estimates. This will give you the opportunity to choose the one that fits your needs best.

Exterior painting has numerous benefits, including improving your home’s appeal and resale value. However, it’s demanding. You must work with professionals if you want the project to go smoothly. You can avoid the headache by hiring skilled and reputable exterior painting experts. Contact VS Pro Painting today to work with contractors you can trust!

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