5 Paint Color Themes to Consider for Your House This Year

Annual renovations may not be the norm for most homeowners, but you can still change the look and feel of your property without exerting much effort yourself. More specifically, you can work with a house painting service to transform your property’s appearance. You can utilize numerous color schemes to bring out the true beauty of your home. Which color combinations are especially worth trying? You can learn about our favorite color themes by continuing below! 

1. Create Varied Backdrops Using Shades of White Paint

Repainting is one of the best ways to improve a household, even if you’re thinking about selling your property down the line. According to Opendoor, repainting your home interior can yield a 107% return on investment. You shouldn’t hesitate to use different shades of white paint in your revamped home color scheme.

We know that the idea of using white paint probably isn’t especially exciting, but allow us to make the case for it. Its versatility makes the color a fantastic base for your new design scheme. You can build any type of design theme when you choose white as your base color.

Pair the white paint with striking black paint to produce a classic color combination. Set colorful pieces of furniture in a room with a white backdrop to create a contrast of a different flavor. Using white with neutral colors results in a modern design scheme.

Choosing white as your base color also allows you to establish different design schemes throughout your home. Use a different shade of white for each room so you can pair it better with whichever design scheme you have in mind for that particular area. Brighter white variants work better in rooms with natural elements, and the earthier whites look good in areas with plenty of sunshine.

Establishing a different design scheme in each room will work for you because the color white ties everything together. That overarching element allows your bold approach to make sense thematically. Executing this plan won’t be an issue as long as you partner with professional painters.

2. Establish Beautiful Color Combinations Featuring Gray Paint

The versatility of white paint is reason enough to feature it throughout your home, but some folks may dislike how demanding it can be from a maintenance perspective. Others may find white paint to be a tad too bright, especially if their properties get a lot of sunlight. You should consider using gray paint if you consistently run into those issues.

You can treat gray the same as white because it works well with almost every color. Bright and dark colors play well with gray; you can say the same about neutral tones. One can argue that gray offers even greater versatility than white because it can more effectively accommodate lighter colors and settings.

The only issue with using gray paint is potentially creating dreary settings throughout your household. That kind of thing can happen when your interior walls are coated in different shades of gray paint. However, you can prevent that from happening by being more mindful of your lighting. Rework your lighting to accommodate your increased use of gray paint, and things should work out fine.

Using gray and white together is also an idea worth considering. This color combination can produce a neutral backdrop that will allow other decorative elements to shine brighter. It’s the type of backdrop you should look to create if you’re planning to build your revamped design scheme around your furniture or decorations.

3. Feature Mother Nature in Your Home Décor Using Earthy Tones

Incorporating natural elements into your home décor is more than a trend at this point. That design approach has become so popular that it’s practically become a staple for interior decorators. You can feature that design scheme as well. Of course, you’ll need to do more than pick up some plants.

Getting your paint job on point is the key to making that nature-oriented design scheme work. Draw inspiration from your surroundings to come up with your new design theme. Start by choosing a shade of green for your interior walls. Dark or moss green would be ideal for this application.

Your baseboards should also get a fresh coat of paint if you want to execute this color scheme correctly. Coyote or dark brown would be good choices, but any shade of brown with a rich feel can make a possible fit. The house painting service you’re working with can also provide some suggestions. Don’t forget to check if the shade of brown you selected matches your floors.

The most challenging part of nailing this design scheme is choosing a paint color for your ceiling. Blue can come off too strong positioned next to the earthy tones. Your best bet here is to go with a neutral color. White, gray, and beige are the top choices for rounding out that color combination.

4. Evoke Luxury With Black Paint and Metallic Accents

After spending your vacation in a five-star hotel, you may still be entranced by its fabulous accommodations even days after returning home. Those opulent hotels often leave a strong impression on their guests and entice them to return for future stays.

Creating a five-star accommodation inside your home is a tough ask. Still, you can recreate the vibes of a hotel through thoughtful design. You can feature that type of atmosphere inside your home with the help of black paint and bright, metallic accents.

Select a deep shade of black paint that immediately grabs your attention. Use it to coat your walls and keep it going throughout your home. Your professional painters can help you pick out the right shade of paint if you’re having a tough time deciding.

After coating your walls with your preferred shade of black paint, you need to find the right accent colors. We’ve already mentioned using metallic accents, so use gold, chrome, or similar colors to complete your new design scheme. Use these colors on your baseboards and crown molding to better frame these elements. Put decorative elements with the same color combination inside your home to complete that design theme.

5. Brighten Your Home With Lively Splashes Color

Lastly, we want you to consider establishing a bright and colorful design scheme inside your home because we believe it’s underappreciated and underutilized. When most homeowners think of featuring a bright color scheme, they usually use white as the base color and don’t take things that much further. There’s obviously nothing wrong with using white paint that way, but you should consider the other possibilities.

Different shades of blue can liven up your home interior. Specific examples worth using include sky blue and turquoise. Light pink and peach are also excellent choices for small rooms that can benefit from feeling bigger. Explore the idea of using a bright shade of yellow if you want a truly bold color scheme.

Just remember to pair your bright color scheme with neutral design elements. Cushions with neutral colors are perfect complementary pieces for this design scheme. Wooden furniture also pairs well with those vibrant colors.

The number of wonderful color schemes you can feature inside your home is nearly limitless. Hopefully, you’ve fallen in love with our suggestions here, or they’ve at least sparked your imagination. Once you have a vision in mind, enlist the aid of a house painting service to bring it to life. Contact VS Pro Painting today and let us provide exceptional service to you!

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