12 Rooms to Consider Repainting This Year

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Your home should be your heaven. A coat of fresh paint can instantly transform your house to make your dreams come true. That’s not all, though. Hiring painters can help increase home value, create a specific ambiance, or give your home a much-needed refresh. According to IBIS World, as of 2023, there are 318,271 employees in the House Painting & Decorating Contractors industry nationwide. These are the rooms they say homeowners should consider repainting this year.

1. Kitchen

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s the place where the family gathers for meals and guests flock to. This year, trends are making most kitchens look outdated. For example, the trend of all-white kitchens is out. Now, homeowners are bringing more earthy tones inside, like sage green, beautiful browns, and splashes of red and yellow for accent colors. Greige is another neutral we’re seeing take over previous trends. To instantly create a more fashionable kitchen, opt for a minimalist style that lasts decades.

2. Living Room

Living rooms are getting a serious makeover this year. Previous dark colors that trended are out. Now, homeowners who want to stay in style should opt for jewel tones or gorgeous, relaxing hues. Light blue, green, or lavender are soothing colors that people use to create a calm atmosphere. Hire painters to paint the walls neutrally and include a jewel-toned accent wall to create more energy. Avoid dark colors that are now considered depressing. It’s all about creating a personal oasis throughout the entire home.

3. Bathrooms

Bathrooms are always a popular choice for remodels. Homeowners who want to sell their homes hire painters to repaint their bathrooms a powder or light blue because this color increases home value. Other people choose to transform their bathrooms into functional spas slowly. Two-tone walls that feature a lighter color on top have made a huge comeback. Painters are also seeing more earth tones in bathrooms. Opt for light green in small bathrooms and include plenty of greenery. Pair this look with sustainable materials to get on board with environmentally friendly trends.

4. Entryways

Entryways and common areas like hallways deserve a makeover to bring them up to date this year. Painters note that homeowners are upgrading these areas to match the year’s trends. Bright white and grey were previously in style but are not considered cold and clinical. Now, interior design is all about bringing more warmth into the home. Neutrals like greige with warm undertones are replacing cold versions. Paint your entryway off-white or beige with a crisp white trim to instantly add an elegant appeal.

5. Home Offices

More people are working from home than ever before. In previous years, people would work from the living room or set up a corner in the dining room. Now, home office spaces provide the professional, distraction-free environment people need to be successful. Homeowners hire painters to paint home offices to suit their style. People who frequently meet with people via Zoom meetings opt for professional neutral colors.

6. Bedrooms

Bedrooms are your cozy space at the end of a long day, and they should reflect that. Painters see more homeowners opting for trending colors to re-create their bedrooms. Jewel tones are still popular and pair well with neutrals like brown and bronze. Coral is another trending color for the home if you’d like to get away from light and neutral colors. It’s the perfect way to add a splash of personality that shows your unique style. Pair coral with a boho chic vibe and sustainable materials. For small rooms, opt for minimal furniture to ensure the room doesn’t feel chaotic.

7. Home Gyms

Home gyms are always popular. Now that more people are transforming their homes to reflect what they want in life, home gyms are increasing in popularity. Previously, painters saw a lot of gyms in all-white. Now, all white homes are only for people who don’t plan on staying with them. Gyms are getting splashes of color in high-energy colors like orange and yellow. Creating an accent wall is the ideal way to add more color without putting too much energy into the room. Avoid dark, low-energy colors in spaces you want to be productive in.

8. Dining Rooms

Dining rooms are the go-to place in your home for entertaining. They often double as family rooms and a space to entertain the grandchildren. This gives homeowners more room to express themselves and their creative energy. Jewel tones can be used to cover the entire wall. Painters are seeing an increase in people using the color black. Pair it with white trim to create a beautiful, chic contrast. Then, put plenty of modern artwork on the walls to ensure the room doesn’t feel smaller than it is or depressing.

9. Small Rooms

Giving small rooms a makeover can make them go from depressing to dashing. However, there are several tips painters want you to remember for small spaces. Lighter colors make rooms appear larger. They’ll also feel more significant to people when they walk inside them. However, it also depends on how much natural light you have. Homeowners can paint small rooms a darker color if there is plenty of natural light.

10. Large Rooms

When painting large rooms, you can paint them any color. However, there are a few tips from painters to remember when deciding. Homeowners who paint rooms dark should ensure ample natural light and artwork on the walls. Dark colors can make large rooms feel overwhelmingly depressing. Put light-colored artwork on walls to create contrast for a stylish appeal. You’ll also want to use a light-colored trim in these rooms.

11. Outdated Rooms

Hiring painters to instantly give a room a new look is always a great idea. When deciding which color you’d like, always consider the latest painting trends to ensure your home looks modern. Jewel tones are popular for every room of the house. Homeowners are using these more for large rooms and accent walls. Earth tones are a trend more people are enjoying. This trend is perfect for anyone who wants outdoor living and would like to bring some of the outside into their house.

12. Cold Rooms

Most people know what soothing colors are, like lavender, but it’s always a good idea to know what warm colors to include in your palette. Brown and tan are both considered classic neutrals. These pair well with almost any color except black and navy blue. They look exceptionally well with earth tones like green. Brown and baby blue rooms create a unique touch of relaxation and a cozy vibe. Beige and off-white are used to create an elegant appeal. For a timeless look, opt for greige. Specifically, ask for green paint instead of gray. Behr makes an exceptional shade that has warm undertones.

Professional painters are always up-to-date on the latest trends. Ask local painters for ways to bring more warmth into your home to learn about the latest colors to use. You can trust them to have the best colors, from baby blue to greige. Always remember to avoid too much darkness in a room. Interior painting is about letting your home reflect your gorgeous personality and ensuring it’s soothing, not depressing. Check out the rest of the site for more need-to-know information. Call VS Pro Painting today to get started.

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