Putting Your Home on the Market? Consider Painting Your Kitchen

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Today’s real estate environment remains competitive. If you’re planning to list your house in the near future, it’s time to get to know your local house painters. According to Opendoor, when you paint the interior of your house, you can expect a return on investment (ROI) of around 107% at sale. If you don’t want to have the entire house painted, consider painting your kitchen a new and updated color. If you want to get the best possible price for your home, your local house painters often advise sellers to focus on their kitchens before listing. Let’s take a closer look at how kitchen and cabinet painting can help.

The Kitchen Is the Heart of the Home

This is a popular saying because it’s true. Your kitchen is where your family gathers for the evening meal and catch up with each other about your days. It’s where homework happens and rushed breakfasts. The kitchen is truly the center of the home. This is why it’s important that your kitchen is welcoming and inviting. When you’re getting ready to list your home, you want to make sure that you take care of any little tasks that can detract from the appeal of your home. A fresh coat of paint in your kitchen can make potential buyers feel like they’re already home.

In order to give potential buyers a feeling of home, most realtors suggest baking cookies before a viewing or open house. This aroma can trigger a reaction on a sensory level. Visitors will automatically associate positive feelings with your house, and when they’re considering their options, they’ll have fond recollections of your house and how they felt there. Don’t underestimate how much a great kitchen can draw someone toward your home as a possibility. Before listing your home, be sure to take a close look at your kitchen and what elements can be improved to help present it in its best light.

A Dated Kitchen Can Kill a Sale

There are two renovation projects that most home buyers want to avoid. They are kitchens and bathrooms. When they walk into a house and see the living walls are painted a color they don’t like, or they don’t care for the carpets, they don’t usually consider those dealbreakers. Buying a new home usually comes with a few projects that can help make the house feel more in line with the buyer’s personal tastes and preferences. But this isn’t the case when it comes to potential buyers who have issues with a house’s bathrooms and kitchen.

When a potential buyer walks into a house, they’re doing a mental calculation of all the changes that they’ll want to make. The issue isn’t always the cost of the changes, but the amount of upheaval they’ll cost right after a disruptive move. Most projects seem manageable except for having to update a kitchen or bathroom. These are huge undertakings that cause a lot of changes to a family’s daily routine. By making your kitchen look updated, fresh, and clean you can prevent this outcome from happening to you. In addition to a new coat of paint, look for some small changes you can make that’ll give your kitchen an up-to-date look.

A Fresh Coat of Paint Can Transform a Kitchen

If your kitchen is like most, the main point of visual interest is your cabinets. After that, countertops and flooring. There are tiles and backsplashes and cabinet hardware too. All of these elements combine to create the look and feel of your kitchen. When you have painted walls, adding a fresh coat of paint can give your kitchen an entirely different look. Before you list your home, glance a critical eye over the overall appearance of your kitchen and determine where improvements can be made. Changes to this room will have an impact on the desirability of your house.

If you have white cabinets and appliances, a fresh coat of bright white paint will give your kitchen an updated look. Kitchens with just a few small areas with painted walls look great with a bold color. When your kitchen has a lot of your personality reflected in its decor, you’ll want to take steps to make it more neutral. Remove knickknacks and other personal items to create a stunning blank slate. You want to create a space where potential buyers can imagine themselves enjoying their morning coffee.

You Want Your House to Stand Out From the Competition

The main reason to paint your kitchen before listing your house for sale is to make it stand out from the competition. Because the kitchen is such an important part of your home, it’s the obvious place to spend your efforts when getting your home ready to sell. Any investments that you make in your kitchen will help your house stand out from the competition. Because today’s real estate market is so tight, any advantage that you can offer helps. You’ll enjoy increased interest in your home, and hopefully have it sold in no time. Without a few memorable features in your home, it’ll just blur in the viewers’ memories along with all the other average homes that they’ve seen.

Having a clean and tidy kitchen is the first step to a successful listing. Next, you’ll want to add a few special touches. These could be as simple as updating the handles and pulls on your cabinets or updating your countertops. Whichever other projects you opt to complete, their impact will be felt even more when you also have your kitchen repainted. You’ll be amazed at how just a few changes can improve the appearance of your kitchen tenfold. Cabinet painting is a great way to make your space stand out.

The Right Painting Project Can Boost the List Price

Everyone wants to get a fair listing price for their home. While your real estate agent will measure your home against the area comps and suggest a price, there’s no hard and fast rule for calculating these numbers. However, the better and more realistic your listing price, the stronger your negotiation position will be. A newly painted kitchen is one such improvement that’ll move the needle when it comes to determining the list price for your home. You want to begin the house-selling process with your best foot forward. Choosing to paint your kitchen and perhaps your bathrooms too can help you get the most money from the sale.

There are a number of different painting projects that are all worthwhile when you’re getting ready to sell your home. Don’t shy away from making an investment that will pay off through a higher sales price. Now that you understand the importance of presenting your home, especially the kitchen, in the best possible light, you’ll want to begin considering color choices. Your favorite local house painters will work with you to determine which painting projects make the most sense to complete, and also give some advice about paint colors. Now’s a great time to get started with kitchen and cabinet painting!

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