Is It Time to Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Cabinets are a staple in any kitchen, so you want them to be functional and look their best. As you look at your kitchen cabinets, is it time for an overhaul? Are they looking old or outdated? Thanks to cabinet painting services, there’s no need to replace them outright. Read on to see why it may be time to refinish your kitchen cabinets.

Cabinets Are Dull

As you sit in your beautiful kitchen and look at your shiny appliances, beautiful floors, and updated fixtures, are your cabinets sticking out for the wrong reason? Do your once vibrant cabinets now look dull and faded? Faded cabinets can stand out against your otherwise newly painted kitchen walls and colorful tiles. But if your cabinets are only dull and faded, that doesn’t mean that they can’t function anymore. Simple cabinet refinishing or painting can help give them a new lease on life. If you like the existing color but just need a refresh, you can pick out the same coat of paint.

You’re Remodeling Your Kitchen

Is it finally time to renovate your entire kitchen? While you may be focused on installing new countertops, updating plumbing, and getting steel appliances, don’t forget to check out where your cabinets fit in the picture. Cabinets play a big role in your kitchen as they take up a lot of space. However, unlike other elements of a kitchen remodel, you don’t have to reinstall new ones to achieve the right look. For example, if you plan on repainting your kitchen walls during the remodel, those same interior painters can ensure your kitchen cabinets match the color of the walls during the process. Or you can decide to go bold and have your cabinets in a completely contrasting color for greater effect. In other words, white kitchen walls versus red or black cabinets can create an avant-garde look that can make your kitchen look modern and artsy.

You Want a Higher Home Value

It’s always a good idea to make the right updates to increase your home value. After all, your home value is a part of your overall personal estate that you’ll leave to your heirs. When you invest in cabinet updates, you benefit from a good return on your initial investment. The ROI for kitchen cabinets can run as high as 80% to 100%, according to ZeroDown.

It’s Time to Move

Is it time to move on and upgrade to a new home? In order to do so, you must ensure your current home is fit for the current marketplace. One of the main things home buyers look for is a modern kitchen with functional and beautiful cabinets. Luckily, cabinet refinishing and painting make your cabinet update easier than many other upgrades. As long as your cabinets are in good condition, there’s no need to remove them and install new ones. If you’re in a hurry to get renovations done so you can move, cabinet refinishing is the perfect solution and takes less time compared to a completely new installation.

Cabinets Are Hard to Open or Close

Are you having a difficult time opening and closing your cabinets? That’s a major problem because that means your cabinets aren’t functioning the way they should. Luckily when refinishing experts check your cabinets out, they know exactly what to do to update the surface area, hinges, and bolts to get your cabinets back on track again.

You See Scratches and Dents

Has there been so much activity in your kitchen that your poor cabinets have received scratches and dents? Needless to say, scratched-up and dented cabinets aren’t a good look for any home. So if you plan on selling your home anytime soon, you certainly need to take care of any visible damage on those cabinets. The finishers will rework the surface to smooth things out and get your cabinets looking new again. From there, they’ll apply any sealant or paint to further protect them from ongoing harm.

There’s Water Damage

Are there any unsightly stains resulting from water damage on your cabinets? Remember your kitchen is a room where there’s a lot of moisture and smoke through the air when you cook. Even something as simple as making a cup of coffee or washing dishes may have resulted in you inadvertently splashing water or other liquids upon your cabinets without noticing. If you haven’t taken the time to properly clean your cabinets when you’re doing other kitchen cleaning, moisture, stains, and other dirt may have accumulated over time. Water damage has the same effect on cabinets as it does on any other part of your home. In other words, not only can your cabinets have unsightly stains, but they may also have mold and mildew build-up. Let cabinet painters and refinishers make the necessary adjustments to restore your cabinets to life and get rid of such damage.

Your Kitchen Storage Is Outdated

Are you among the Americans living in a home built before 1980? If so, while your cabinets may still be functioning, they may have an outdated look because of the color or paint finish. Luckily, there’s no need to stress. This outdated look doesn’t mean you must replace your cabinets. Cabinet refinishers understand how to make even the oldest cabinets in good condition look like they were just built yesterday with the right color and sealant. When cabinet refinishers bring your cabinets up to speed, visitors may think they’re brand new.

You Want to Add Personality

If you’ve been in your current home for a while, maybe you just want to add your personality to as many parts of your home as possible. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t showcase that in your cabinets. Cabinet painting can update your existing cabinets to any color that you like. If you’ve always dreamt of having a calming kitchen, maybe gray or light blue cabinets can do the trick. Are you a vibrant and energetic person? Maybe it’s time to take a risk with some bold red cabinets that can contrast against a white or neutral wall. If you’re unsure what exact colors to use, cabinet painters are skilled professionals who understand color theory and matching. They can ensure you have the ideal cabinets that can express the aesthetic you wish to convey.

These were just a few of the many signs that indicate it’s time to refinish your kitchen cabinets. Most homeowners understand the value of cabinets. They provide your home with tons of storage so you can hold your appliances, plates, and glasses in a secure spot. These cabinets are just as important to your kitchen as any other element in the room. If you’re unhappy with the current state of your cabinets, there’s no need to stress out over an installation. With cabinet painting professionals from VS Pro Painting, you won’t have to worry about a full remodel. They can use their expertise to ensure that your cabinets are refinished and painted in the way that you desire. To learn more about how our team can update your cabinets, call us today for more information.

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