3 Clear Signs That You Need New Exterior Paint

You love your home. It has been a great asset to your family through time, however, it’s time to leave and sell it. When your real estate agent looks over the house and advises you that exterior painting must be replaced to improve appearance, which is one of the main factors in attracting buyers.


How do you know whether you’re in need of new exterior paint? Three obvious indicators to look out for!


Are you seeing large bumps in the exterior of your walls? These tiny pockets develop when the adhesive substance in the paint isn’t attached to the wall any longer. The tendency to bump is when the wall is too hot after the painting is being applied hindering it from adhering properly initially.

If you notice bubbles, it could be time to take off the old layer of paint and get a new one. If you apply paint in a proper manner to avoid blistering, you will be able to prevent it from happening and get a smooth, even surface for longer.


If the blistering issue isn’t treated when it’s not addressed, bubbles may break or crack, leading to chipping or peeling paint. The result is that paint that’s chipped or peeling will make your home appear older or more shabby. Before you are able to repaint it, you’ll have to get rid of the most chips and loose paint as you can in order to ensure that your fresh paint will adhere to the surface and avoid the same issue again.


The walls of your exterior can take some beatings by the elements of nature however, one of the biggest slams on the paintwork is the ultraviolet rays of the sun. In time, they may cause the paint to fade or dull. If you’re around it every day it may be hard to determine how much the paint has worn off, but that’s why having an experienced pair of eyes can be very useful. However, when you have certain shades, it is easy to see that the hue isn’t as vivid as it once was.

While the result is similar to the effects of bleaching or fading in some instances sunlight may trigger an enzymatic reaction in the paint that creates an opaque white film over the wall. This is known as chalking. Before a new coat of paint is put on, the chemical layer must be removed with care so that the fresh paint will adhere to the walls in the way it is supposed to.

If you’re looking to secure the highest possible price for your house then you must display your home in the most appealing way. A fresh coat of paint on the exterior of your home can attract more potential buyers, make more appearances and possibly get you an offer that is better. Do a thorough, honest examine your exterior paint for these ominous indicators, and then repair them by applying new paint so that your next family members can have the same pleasure as you do.

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